What happens to the funds?

One of the first questions most people ask is what happens to the money that the Lions Club collects. Where is it spent and does it benefit the members of the club?

A Lions Club is required by charter to establish two accounts for the deposit of its funds. One is the administrative account and the other is the activities account. The members dues, proceeds from meeting oriented activities such as the tail twister fines or a raffle are deposited in the administrative account which is used for club expenses such as supplies, postage, et c.

All proceeds from fund raising projects such as White Cane, the broom sale, citrus sale, blind made products sale or other projects where funds are raised from the public participation are deposited in the activities account. None of the money in this account can be used by the club for any purpose other than to benefit the charity projects which the club supports. All of the money (100%) goes to charity. Not a penny can be used to benefit any member in any way.